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Barcelona - Spain
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The painter Blas Gallego is an artist who was born in Barcelona; he has lived part of his professional life abroad. With a wide and extensive dedication to works related to traditional drawing - cover book illustration, decoration, publicity...
All these works have been keeping him away from the exercise of painting, a technique that since thirty years ago, when he was living in England, began to interest him and started to practice seriously but it wasn’t until the present that he found the occasion to do it: Living in Barcelona, London and Stockholm it filled his hours and days, although cultivating the color, always with the oil color, making pictures, portraits, posters and other received orders of many kinds, specially from the United States - overall these we must to emphasize his election, with other five artists selected from more than two hundred worldwide for the illustrations for The Holy Bible published in U.S.A.(Tyndale House-Illinois) – also many remarkable works for Japan, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico must be stand out, so does with a large group of European countries like England, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Austria, Italy, etcetera.

It is so his drawings and its later dedication to the painting, in that long period, always were subordinated to the discipline of the order. It has been now, as already it is referred, that Blas has seen fulfilled his desire to dedicate themselves completely to the painting and to offer it in exhibitions, made within a figurative language of version in the image subjectivity: pictorial writing in that solutions derived from the dominion can be guessed - demonstrated that it has of other techniques - watercolor, acrylic, gouache, pie, wax... - that guesses right, when incorporating them, to unify in the personal diction that leaves distinguished its oil painting.

A palette in which blue, carmine and the ocher ones receive leading role - of which they are absent the black and the gray is worth to him for the accomplishment of a work centered specially, to give to image the feminine figure, subject that shares with the dedicated ones to the representation of the children, floral and the related ones to the sea. Interpretations - inspired, no subject to the fidelity of the models if these do not have like aim the picture that makes - form sometimes outlined in blue or carmine and others defined by the degradation of the color: matter that applies with the brush, the spatula or the fingers, always with generosity and pictorial sense. Of there the expressive force of its trusted figuration, in exclusive right, to the color - the previous drawing in its narration does not exist through the forms and dictions, both rich ones in overprints that are transparent, that makes the results descriptive: pictures in which the color tells so much - merit of the painting of artist like the subject or reasons that find image.